Michael Picard has been entertaining audiences for over 30 years and has performed for audiences across Canada. With shows and performances for many celebrities such as Tony Curtis, David Copperfield, Jerry Van Dyke, Jim Carey to name a few as well as opening act for Mike Mandel, Holly Woods w/ Toronto,
Blue Rodeo, Comedian Lang Parker, Joey Elias, Don McMillan and many others.

Nominated for 2012 L.A. Comedy Award for Stand-up and also for Best Variety act.

                                  "your comedy was spectacular"
           Max Worthington Executive Producer of the L.A. Comedy Awards

  It all started at the age of 12 when he was first introduced to the art of magic with his first magic kit. Always trying to be the showman on the playground and often forgetting that show time is over, when recess is over, Michael often had to take the show on the road to the principal's office. Let's call these his first command performances.
Moving on to when Michael was 14 years old, when in search of an audience, he would go door - to - door willing to perform for anyone who would answer.(if only he had combined this with "AVON" he would be rich today).
After contacting Johnny Walters from the Johnny Walters Show on CKCO television, Michael has appeared on many television shows from the age of 15 performing magic and was often used as a filler guest on numerous occasions.
After travelling across Canada and performing at various clubs and events, including a 3 1/2 year engagement at Stages Night club.

In an effort to branch out in new endeavours and then his newest creation in the form of Twister the Clown was born from many comedic performances and the idea of costumes and fresh new look (and I'm not in the witness relocation program) became the clown in me! In 1989 starred in and produced the video Balloon Creations, one of the first to teach the art of balloon twisting which was sold around the world
Even though Michael is a Gemini, trying to juggle numerous personalities such as clown, magician and family man, something had to give. So the performances were scaled back in an effort to spend more time with his wife and 4 children.
Opportunities arose after a few years and the magic was back and deciding to retire Twister the Clown and focus on the magician and the acting. While filming the independent film, Bay City was then offered a role in the movie Slightly Used which also led to offers of roles in various commercials.

To make a short story long, Michael then decided to once again reinvent himself by venturing into Stand-up comedy and less focus on actual magic. With shows at various comedy clubs across Canada as well as Ventura Beach Comedy Club, JR's Comedy Club in Valencia, Cal., Hollywood Studio Bar and Grill and The Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd.

That is all in the past and the future now writes itself as the marquis will read:
The stand-up Comedy of Michael Picard, with the magic touch!

Please note: no celebrities were harmed in the making of this biography.

Michael has now ventured into the digital entertainment world with his brother Steven.

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